Handcrafting better treats for a better day since 2010

From peanut butter to peanut better

Chewzy began when two friends made their first batch of sensational peanut butter treats in 2010. Mixing time-honored recipes with creative flair, they perfected our now-famous chews in striking colors, shapes and sizes. Chewzy's better peanut chews and attractive packaging quickly became beloved for both formal and everyday settings.

The dawning of a new delicious

Finding their sweet spot, our founders dreamt up an entire line of mouthwatering peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallow, and granola treats. From our very own chocolate factory in Brooklyn, New York, we continue introducing deliciously new and reinvented treats. All Chewzy treats are strictly kosher pareve, and the natural ingredients we use ensure each chew, bar and bite is full of crispy, crunchy, gooey, flavorful goodness.

From our factory to your front door

You can find Chewzy'€s delicious treats in supermarkets, gourmet sweet shops, and gift stores across the nation. We package and ship them within minutes of production, so you get the freshest, most indulgent treats for home, office, holiday, or any occasion.

Why they chose Chewzy:

“With my mom’s sweet tooth, she is careful not to overindulge. Chewzy’s gorgeous
Peanut Chew Balls were the perfect compromise and a great holiday gift.” – Mark R.

“We wanted something sweet for our annual office party. Chewzy’s Peanut Chew platter
was a total hit. Coworkers fought to take home the leftovers!” – Dina K.

“I always wanted a sweets display at my wedding. Chewzy’s stunning arrangements let
me keep things classy while still fitting with my event’s color scheme.” – Sarah B.

“My kids beg to take candy to school in their lunchboxes. I love that Chewzy’s Chewbars
and CuBites keep them happy without filling them with totally sugary junk.” – Debra N.

“At my specialty candy shop, Chewzy’s treats always fly off the shelves. I can see why
they’re so popular; the brand’s signature treats are really unique.” – Ben A.

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